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 Deborah Ballard aka Debbie Lawrence is a transgender woman with nearly 40 years of IT experience, nearly 40 years of transformational programs including 12 step programs, leadership training programs, open source support groups, transgender support groups and websites.  Debbie has written 6 books on transgender issues, so far.

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Conversion "therapy" sounds like "Come to my office once a week and we'll talk about it"

Nothing could be further from the truth. Conversion Therapy is based on Korean Brainwashing techniques outlawed as torture after the Korean war.

Techniques include; Beatings, torture, LSD, shocks with tasers, cattle prods, or old sine wave electrodes to the brain. Sleep deprivation, starvation, a "box" usually made of corrugated steel that creates extreme heat in the daylight and extreme cold at nigh, rape, rape with objects ranging from broom handles to beer bottles, even baseball bats. Unlike interrogation, where cooperation ends the suffering, there is nothing that ends the suffering.
These places are run by the worst kind of terrorist sadists. They get to kidnap, rape, torture, and terrorize kids for months at a time, without ANY CONSENT.

Parents are rarely told the details, and often think it's like a summer camp. Rachel Maddow did a series of investigations of these place, talking to survivors.

About 90 percent of those subjected to Conversion Therapy kill themselves within 6 to 18 months of "graduating".

Religious Liberty is not license to commit crimes. Jim Jones kidnapped and murdered hundreds of his followers before ending his own life. He even murdered a US Senator. Was that covered by Religious Liberty?