Transgender Fiction - Sandy Thomas

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Sandy Thomas

Sandy Thomas

Sandy is a writer of transgender fiction that focuses on cross-dressing and "late awakenings."  Most of the stories use gentle versions of forced feminization, Often the young male victim is tricked, loses a bet, or seduced into the initial dressing up, and gradually gets in touch with the girl he has been trying so hard to hide.

Often, the object of transformation is reluctant, struggles with himself and his coach, but ultimately finds happiness as a woman.  These stories are erotic but not overly explicit in sexually explicit language.

Forced feminization is a common fantasy for transgender women and cisgender women.  Cisgender women often find they desire to feminize a man, especially someone who tries to act too masculine.  Ironically, a transgender woman living in stealth is often too easy.

The give-away in these stories is that the objections have nothing to do with not wanting to be feminine, but rather with their fear of being recognized, ridiculed, or not being able to "pass".  These concerns are often a giveaway that the transformed person secretly wants to transition.

Sandy has written or published over 200 books.  Below are the ones I've read and enjoyed.

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Feminine Proposal I-V

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